Tuesday, February 9, 2010

6Ws on Creativity

What is creativity ?
Creativity is not the thing that will get developed as the day progresses. It is atomic.
Even a logical thinker needs a creative idea but the converse part need not be true.
Creativity is an art and according to me it is a God's gift. Creativity is something which makes you to feel the heaven from this hell(Earth) Oh God even Heaven is creative!!!
Who can be creative?
Anyone. Ofcourse everyone should be.
When do you get more creative ideas?
Creativity has no time limits unlike studies. You can get an excellent creative idea during
your DREAM(could be my next blog ). Ofcourse,those things which comes in dream can revolutionize the world and i give you the guarantee that this is the best thing that you can make out of yourself.
You can get more creative ideas during 5:00 A.M to 6:00A.M (take this as my suggestion and need not be true always)
How do you know that you are creative?
If you can keep concentrating on the thing and hear nothing by sitting in the centre of fish market then you have the major quality for creativity(Dont do this :) )
What i am trying to say is if you can nullify the effects of the surroundings you can be creative.
Where can you be creative?
Actually everyone has been bestowed with the quality of creativity by the God but not in the same field (That is his magic).
Identify the field that you are more comfortable , apply your creative ideas onto that and emerge as a new individual.
(How to identify your comfortable field? Pls wait for sometime until i create a blog on that)
Why you should be creative?
I think Zero has no value :):):)